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Beauty Collagen GiftBox

Beauty Collagen Gift Box
Eat yourself gorgeous – Nutrition for healthy hair, skin and nails. Good fats help keep you full for longer and avoid cravings. It’s not just good for you, they taste amazing too!
This Gift Box includes:
3 Collagen Nut Butters (Berry Bombshell, Peanut Nutter and Choc Chic)
3 Cookies sample packs – 2 of each cookie (Berry Bombshell, Peanut Nutter and Choc Chic)


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Want to try the full range of cookies and nut butters? Our starter pack, containing:

  1. Each of our collagen nut butters (3 jars total)
  2. Our cookie sample pack with 2 of each cookie (3 cookies total)


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