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IPL Hair Removal



IPL Hair Removal

What is hair laser treatment and how does it work?

Laser and IPL Hair Removal are advanced technologies that safely remove unwanted hair while also preventing it from growing as quickly and visibly as before. These methods work by destroying the follicle of each hair with a concentrated laser, preventing it from regrowing in the future. IPL hair removal treatments are a simple, painless, and quick way to remove unwanted hair from the body or the face. A course of 6–8 sessions is usually necessary to obtain the best results, but after you’ve completed your treatment cycle, you can expect to have smooth skin for the rest of your life with only the occasional maintenance treatment. When compared to the cost and inconvenience of waxing for a lifetime, this is a bargain.

Effective Hair Laser Reduction Therapy in Sydney

Are you tired of shaving your legs every other day throughout the summer? Meraki Skin & Laser By Rosie provides everything you need to keep your skin looking silky smooth all year! Hair laser treatment from our experienced Sydney professionals produces outstanding results, regardless of whether your hair is brown, black, red, or blonde. We are passionate about helping clients look and feel their best.

Meraki Skin & Laser By Rosie is known for producing flawless outcomes for each of our clients, due to a team of highly experienced professionals. We endeavour to provide a comfortable, satisfying experience for you from start to finish because we are passionate about offering individuals the opportunity to look and feel their best.

Blonde, black, brunette and everything in between!

Due to its efficacy and capacity to work on all hair colours and types, laser hair removal has grown increasingly popular in recent years. This means that whether you have thick brown hair or hair that is thin and blonde, hair laser treatment at Meraki Skin & Laser By Rosie offers you the opportunity to attain that amazing, smooth feeling using a method that is painless, effective and less expensive than waxing.

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Hair Removal

Skin Consultation and Patch Test $50, Centre of Eyebrows $40, Chin $45, Upper lip $45, Nose $35, Ears $35, Sides of face/cheek $50, Half face $80, Front of Neck $60, Back of Neck $60, Standard bikini $60, G-string $65, Brazilian $75, Underarms $45, Behind Brazilian $30, Buttocks $119, Half lower legs $120, Half upper legs $130, Full legs $199, 3⁄4 Legs $145, Feet $30, Half arms $75, Full arms $139, Hands $30, Stomach $119, Chest $119, Full Back $199, Half Back $199, Shoulders $90, Stomach line $35, Areola $35, Full legs, Underarms & Brazilian $319, Female Full Body $600, Beard Sculpting $99, Male Front of neck $75, Male Back of neck $75, Male Chest and Stomach $245, Male Full Back $229, Male Back and shoulders $250, Male Full arms $199, Male Full legs $250, Male Speedo $125, Male Manzilian $159, Male Back, Male Shoulders, Chest and Stomach $495, Male Full legs, Underarms & Brazilian $495, Male Full Body $800


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