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Vacuum Therapy For Buttocks and Breast

Package Deals

10 x Vacuum Booty Therapy – $1500
10 x Vacuum Breast Therapy – $1200
20 x Butt or Breast Vacuum Therapy – $2400 





Vacuum therapy treatment is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses suction to enhance the shape and size of the buttocks and breast. The procedure involves using a vacuum machine to apply suction to the targeted areas, which helps to stimulate blood flow and promote the growth of new tissue, it also contracts the muscle. This can result in a fuller, more lifted appearance of the treated area.

Benefits of Vacuum Therapy Treatment for Buttocks and Breast:

  • Non-invasive and does not require surgery
  • Can enhance the shape and size of the buttocks and breast
  • Stimulates blood flow and promotes the growth of new tissue
  • Results are typically visible immediately after the procedure
  • Requires minimal downtime or recovery period
  • Can boost self-confidence and improve body image

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Package Deals

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