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BioRePeel – “No Downtime” Peel

BioRePeelCL3 is an Italian medical peel intended for strong skin bio-stimulation and hydration without the exfoliating effect, making this treatment right for everyone.

BIOR 5 – New generation peeling slows down skin aging intrinsic and extrinsic effects through 5 synergistic actions. it deeply stimulates the skin providing marked bioregeneration tissue toning and strong moisturising action, deep wrinkles reduction, tighten countering improvement and skin regeneration.

An innovative treatment peel that dissolves bonds between cells that carefully removes the top layer of skin revealing the glowing smooth layer underneath. While exfoliating the skin surface, it also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. It is a TCA 35% chemical peel that provides:

  • BIOstimulation
  • REvitalization
  • PEELing

To achieve all of these, the peel contains a blend of the following:

  • TCA 35% to improve skin texture, scars and pigmentation
  • Salicylic acid to decongest the pores & help with excessive oil
  • Tartaric acid to brighten the skin. Lactobionic acid to ensure better intercellular metabolism.
  • Vitamin C to provide antioxidant effect and strengthen the capillaries
  • Amino acids & Vitamin B2 to revitalize and stimulate the formation of new healthy cells, derived of stress, damage and exhaust.

This pharmaceutically developed mix of vitamins and amino acids stimulates the new skin growth, while mitigating UV damage, fading the scarring and effects of fine lines and aging.
Besides having anti-aging and refreshing effects, it is perfectly suitable for the problematic and acne prone skin. This innovative formula is capable of removing the blocked pores and deep blackheads that are not reachable through regular facial treatments; BioRePeel’’s antibacterial effect also helps with acne and complications associated with it.

We love this peel for its amazing immediate results, safety, and extremely short downtime.


  • No downtime
  • Exfoliating, removing dead skin cells stimulating new skin regeneration
  • Scars and post-acne marks improvement
  • Purification and oxygenation of the skin, leaving it moisturised, soft, refreshed, revitalised and clean
  • Infusion of vitamins and antioxidants without injections/needles
  • Improves texture of the skin, addresses skin aging, softening lines and pigmentation
  • Can be used all year round
  • Can be performed on the face, neck, décolletage, hands, feet, arms and other parts of the body


This peel is suitable for all skin types, colors and ages.
It is excellent for those with acne prone, congested skin and skin with pigmentation and scarring (old or new).
It is great to prevent aging as it contains essential amino acids and vitamins that every skin requires.
It is just as well beneficial for the young skin during acute stages of acne, blackheads, with recent scarring.
Due to its extremely short downtime, it is a savior for those with busy schedule and frequent social commitments.


  • Clearer and smoother skin
  • Tighter skin
  • Brighter complexity and lighter pigmentation
  • Even-toned and rejuvenated skin
  • Smaller pores

Consultation is always conducted before any professional peel.

While in the past, most of the effort was aimed at preserving the youth of face, body and hair, today maintaining a youthful and pleasant appearance of the “intimate” area is an increasingly frequent need. Vaginal tissues change and age as the whole body does Intimate changes in tone and color can cause real psychological and relational problems creating anxiety and insecurity during sexual intercourse. 

iSecret peel is the non-invasive solution to restore color and tone lost over the years. It is a solution for hyper-pigmented skin to treat: Rich in active ingredients, such as Gallic Acid, Mandelic Acid, Phytic Acid and natural antioxidants, it gently:


WHAT HAPPENS? Over time, the perianal area and female genitals naturally acquire a darker pigmentation, due to a gradual accumulation of melanin. Sometimes, hyperpigmentation and spots are due to hormonal imbalances and/or inflammations and irritations caused by waxing, creams, razors or blades. Whether caused by physiological changes linked to aging or by a pathology, this occurring darker color is objectively unaesthetic and unpleasant.

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